It’s Okay To Feel A Little Lost…

…We Will Help You Rediscover Your Full Self.

Life sometimes throws curve balls that we can't avoid. What do we do once we're on the floor? Dust ourselves off and get back up. Often, though, getting up is just one part of the healing process. Moving towards personal wellbeing is a collaborative effort that should look at the whole self – mind, body, and spirit.

Welcome to 2BE Wellness. Our integrative mental health center helps you move towards optimal mental wellbeing. What sets us apart from other clinics? At 2BE, we utilize evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical interventions to restore balance in your life and guide you to your highest quality of being.

From Biology To Spirituality

We Look At All Aspects Of Your Health

We don’t just manage symptoms; we get to the root of the problem. 2BE Wellness promises a personalized approach to every single patient we encounter. You deserve far more than just prescribed pills. We will address each of your unique issues so that you can once again live a vibrant, full life – free from mental unrest.

Our compassionate and professional environment offers space for personal healing.

Our Fields Of Focus

At Our Mental Wellness Center, We Specialize In Several Treatment Areas

Lifestyle Practices

What do you do every day that impacts your mental wellbeing? Are you getting enough...

Stress Management

How do you react under pressure? Do you let steam off naturally, or do you feel your...


Diet matters. What you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat can have a profound...


As holistic practitioners, our medicinal approach is all-natural and all-organic. To...

Lab Testing

2Be Wellness analyzes your physical and mental health by taking into consideration...


Who has your back when days get dark? At 2Be Wellness, we look at the effect that bonds...

Our Clinicians

Yvette Kaunismaki, M.D.
Allison Fry, APRN, PMHNP

Join the Wellness Program

Activate Your 2BE Wellness Membership Today

Ask any of our past and present clients, and they will tell you the same thing: A membership with 2BE Wellness is not an expense. It’s an investment into a better, brighter future filled with light and hope as opposed to uncertainty and doubt.

So, what’s included in your membership?

In-Depth Evaluation (2 Hours)

In this comprehensive 120-minute evaluation, we will take the time to carefully inspect every aspect of your wellbeing, from nutrition to deficiencies, potential biochemical imbalances, current stressors, your overall lifestyle, and more. Once we know what’s compromised, we’ll know where to focus our attention, giving you the tools and motivation you need to manage your stress, improve your diet, and implement lasting change.

5x 1-Hour Follow-Up Sessions

We will take the time to check in with you and continue the work that was started – because it’s not enough to get onto the road to recovery. Staying on the right track is a never-ending journey, one we are proud to walk with you. Together, we will face and conquer any challenges as and when they arise, making sure you are working towards the best you.


  • Access to Advanced Diagnostic Testing
  • Discounted Membership Rates on Supplements
  • Direct Contact With Your Clinical Team
  • Discounts on workshops offered at 2Be throughout the year

How Long Is The Membership?

2BE Wellness’ Complete Care and Renewal Memberships provide 12 months of holistic care. Should you wish to cancel your annual plan early, please bear in mind that you will still be responsible for covering the costs of the services utilized. We will need to collect the balance between membership fees paid and any costs associated with visits used. For example, this could include the $300 charged for each 60-minute clinician visit. Let’s say you had one $600 evaluation and one $300 follow-up. Should you decide to cancel, you would owe $900 in this scenario.

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